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Why publish online?

  • As authors, researchers need access to the largest possible audience to disseminate their results; as readers, they need wide access to the relevant literature
  • No publishing time lag: an article can be published on the journal website as soon as it has been accepted and prepared for publication
  • Faster dissemination of scientific information peer review, editorial, production work and distribution is all electronic
  • Letters to the editor and article discussions can be created online and linked to the articles, increasing interactivity and journal community
  • Helpful linking to online information, such as links between reference citations and article abstracts, and between references to material and the sites of origin
  • No space or length limitations of text

More than a simple website


  • You can conduct extensive searches across the full text of many our journals
  • Submit comments on published articles
  • Use references and external linking to go to other sites
  • Reach this site from a variety of others, such as PubMed, using external links
  • We have a good ranking with search engines, so people can find your site quickly and easily
  • We use metatags (such as DC metadata), user statistics (similar to COUNTER code), site structure (such as OpenURL), and multiple mirroring, for example archiving at open access compliant servers

Enhanced features

  • Mobile / hand-held device optimization
  • Linking from sites such as PubMed, DOAJ and CrossRef
  • Citation tracking and citation alerts
  • Linking for bacterial species names and eponyms
  • Revenue generation from AdSense and through sales via secondary aggregating agencies, ALJC, and so on
  • Provision of online data to bibliographic agencies such as; PubMed, ISI, CABI, SCOPUS, and DOAJ