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Recently mailed journals

  Journal Issue Date sent
1.African Journal of Trauma2014_10_1
2.Ancient Science of Life2012_31_2
3.Archives of Mental Health2022_23_2
4.Asian Journal of Transfusion Science2007_44_1
5.Dental Research Journal2015_12_3
7.Indian Journal of Continuing Nursing Education2022_23_2
8.Indian Journal of Pharmacology2012_44_7
9.Indian Journal of Physical Therapy and Research2022_4_2
10.Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS2006_27_2
11.International Journal of Preventive Medicine2014_5_12
12.International Journal of Yoga2022_15_3
13.Journal of Cleft Lip Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies2014_6_1
14.Journal of Dental Implants2022_12_2
15.Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences2008_2_2
16.Journal of Laryngology and Voice2022_12_1
17.Journal of Marine Medical Society2023_25_1
18.Journal of Orofacial Sciences2022_14_2
19.Journal of Pediatric Pulmonology2022_1_2
20.Journal of the International Clinical Dental Research Organization2012_4_3
21.MAMC Journal of Medical Sciences2022_8_3
22.Muller Journal of Medical Sciences and Research2013_3_2
23.Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology2023_31_1
24.Saudi Journal of Oral Sciences2014_3_1
25.Saudi Surgical Journal2013_1_4
26.SRM Journal of Research in Dental Sciences2023_14_1