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About our journals

At Medknow we specialize in publishing peer-reviewed STM journals.

Open Access Policy: The majority of our journals provide immediate free access to the full text of articles. Authors can self-archive their published articles. Most of our journals do not charge the author or author’s institution for article submission, processing or publication, the costs of publishing the journal are borne by the society or institutional owner of the journal (‘Platinum’ open access). Open access increases the visibility and accessibility of the published content.

Author Friendly Journals: All our journals use a simple online manuscript submission system, Journal on Web (JoW), custom-built for our purposes. The online submission and processing of manuscripts considerably decreases the turnaround time from submission to publication. Most of our journals do not charge a fee for submission, processing or publication (‘Platinum’ open access).

High visibility, readership and impact: Our journals are the official publications of various societies and associations, and we deliver them to the members. Online free access, listing and indexing in a large number of bibliographic databases increases their visibility and impact on research.